DG IRELAND TOP150 – 2024


Editor, Kevin Markham

There are courses in Ireland that simply don’t get the recognition they deserve. Birr is one such course. It uses the tumbling and naturally rhythmic eskers of Co. Offaly to magnificent effect… and it has been doing so since 1893. You can find yourself plunging over them, like a swelling sea, or being channelled between them with the green achingly attractive in the distance.

The course also promises plenty of deep woods along the perimeter and tree-lined corridors to give definition. It makes Birr an exceptionally colourful round of golf. The stunning par threes are a case in point but there are so many good holes here that singling out a few is almost unfair. The run from the 10th to the
15th, however, is outstanding, with holes 14 and 15 being back-toback par threes of 163 and 154 metres, respectively. Holes 10, 11 and 12 embrace the forest.
What is particularly memorable is the visual appeal that greets you on every tee. The shapes and movement of holes make them fun to play – even when shots are blind – and while it may only be a par 70 it doesn’t lack in length. Golfers who like to flash the driver will be in their element

Favourite Hole
The par four 10th is just 323 metres. You drive into
a narrowing fairway consumed by trees. The green
sits up high and ancient trees stand around it like
What’s in the Bag?
Restraint. A driver can be more trouble than it’s worth
so rein in your ambition and enjoy the rewards that
come from strategic play.

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Website; www.birrgolfclub.ie