Experience Golf in Turkey


Experience Golf in Turkey
By Ceylan Sensoy, Tourism Product Development Director at Turkey Tourism Promotion and Development Agency

Turkey, one of the favourite destinations for the golf enthusiasts, offers high-quality facilities staging international tournaments that bring together golfers from all around the world. Its unique natural beauty, rich historical and cultural heritage promises diverse experiences for the visitors.

Provision of golf courses adjacent to five star luxury golf resorts which are providing top quality customer services with four seasons climate that enables playing golf throughout the year makes Turkey the golf centre of Europe and the world.

Belek, the golf capital of Turkey, was selected in 2008 as the golf destination of the year in Europe by the IAGTO – International Association of Golf Tour Operators. In 2010, the Challenge Tour, the first leg of the European Professional golf was held in Turkey with the participation of 22 countries. In 2012 Turkey hosted the World Amateur Team Championship. Turkey is proud to host European Tour, Turkish Airlines Open between years 2013 – 2019.

The Mediterranean coastal province Antalya is where the most golf courses of Turkey are located. In terms of the number of golf facilities in Istanbul, the ancient empires’ capital where Asia meets Europe, is next to Antalya. Other destinations of Turkey that offer golf facilities are Muğla, where Aegean and Mediterranean seas meet, Aydın along the Aegean coast, Samsun along the Black Sea coast and Ankara, the capital city of Turkey, Each of these destinations provides facilities for beginners’ education and advanced beginners training.

Antalya, the tourism capital of Turkey with its rich historical heritage, magnificent sand beaches, and crystal clear sea, also offers golf courses catering the needs of every level of golf players, and providing highest quality service. Belek County that has hosted many international tournaments is the centre of golf in Antalya.

Antalya is not called capital of tourism on the merits of its sun, beaches and sea. The ancient cities dotting its coast, some of them listed as a World Heritage by the UNESCO, carry prehistory enthusiast to thousands of years ago. It’s also home to countless natural marvels such as forests that provide a habitat for hundreds of plant and animal species as well as caves and waterfalls. A substantial part of the longest trekking route of Turkey, the Lycian Way, lies in the territory of Antalya province. In addition to its natural beauty, historical and cultural riches, it has also the most exclusive resorts of the World including hotels that serve luxury holidays and holiday villages integrated with nature. Every year it accommodates more than ten million visitors and finds a prominent position among the most visited destinations of the world.

Belek, the golf centre of Antalya, is a paradise set among the turquoise sea and emerald green forest. Belek which was selected as the European Golf Destination of the year in 2008 and has hosted many international organisations and tournaments, also has endlessly opportunities to nature and history enthusiasts who enjoy swimming and sunbathing thanks to its rich natural life and historical heritage. Due to its temperate climate and plentiful sunny days, it’s possible to play golf throughout the year. Some specially illuminated courses provide night golfing equipped with technological infrastructure make it preferable destination for golf players. Guests could also enjoy at luxurious accommodations adjacent to the courses where every facility provides to reinvigorate them after a strenuous day of golf. Another advantage is that it is only half-an-hour drive away from the international airport and from the Antalya city centre.