Improvements at Lanzarote Golf Course, Canary Islands


Improvements at Lanzarote Golf Course, Canary Islands

There are a series of improvements and investments that the Martinez Group has been making since October 1st 2021 when it took over the management of Lanzarote Golf. These are some of our improvements:

-New fleet of 30 Buggies with GPS.
-Renovation of the machinery. This provides better playing conditions on tees, fairways and greens.
-New signage inside and outside the course.
-And modification of the course route returning to its initial design, being more intuitive for the player.
-Urban furniture
-New Putting Green in front of the Club House.
-Conditioning of the Driving Range.

With all these improvements we intend to turn Lanzarote Golf into a first class Premium course and we trust that you will help us to achieve our goal by giving us your confidence again.

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